Types of cribs

Types of cribs Review

Crib prices range from $100 for economy models to more than $3,000 for convertible custom models. Here’s more on the types of baby cribs you’ll find at the various price points.

Economy cribs
Models at the low end of the price scale can be adequate. Prices are low because manufacturers use less-expensive materials and simpler finishes and designs. These models tend to be lighter in weight than top-of-the-line baby crib. The springs supporting the mattress are lighter in construction than those in more expensive models.

Mid priced cribs
These models are sturdier and more decorative than the economy models. They come in an array of wood finishes, from Scandinavian-style natural to golden maple and oak shades, reddish-brown cherries, and deep mahoganies. The mattress supports on these models tend to be sturdy, the springs heavier.

High-end cribs
These models have hand-rubbed, glazed, or burnished finishes. These cribs might have single, double, or no drop sides. The mattress is supported by heavy-gauge springs and heavyweight metal frames and might adjust to four heights.

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