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Tips for Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Baby’s New Crib

A new baby crib is the centerpiece of a nursery, and once you’ve found that baby crib you want, you’re ready to select the perfect bedding. There are many things to consider when you’re choosing baby bedding. Here are some tips for choosing the right bedding for your baby’s new crib:

Always think of safety. Don’t put fluffy blankets in the baby crib with your newborn. Skip the bumpers, if not all together, at least until your baby has enough muscle control to turn his or her head away from the bumper. Remember to take the bumper out when your baby learns to climb so it doesn’t become a step used to climb out—or fall out—of the crib. Make sure your sheets fit tightly on the mattress to avoid suffocation.

Next, consider the theme of the nursery. You can find bedding sets that will coordinate with many themes, and some sets even include wall decorations, window treatments, and lamp shades that match. If you don’t have a specific theme, look for bedding that goes with the wall colors or another feature in the room.

Remember to purchase plenty of extra sheets. You don’t want to be doing laundry in the middle of the night, so pick out solid-colored sheets to coordinate with your bedding set or get duplicates of your favorite sheets so you’ll always have backups. If a tummy bug makes its way home, you could easily change your baby’s crib sheets as many as 10 times in one night!

Don’t forget about blankets either. Once your baby is older, a nice, snugly blanket will be a comfort in the crib. Pick complimentary colors to your bedding set and choose several different materials and thicknesses to have a blanket for all occasions. Remember that you’ll use blankets in the car, on the floor, in the stroller, and at the park—not just in the crib. Learn more about  tips on buying baby cribs and cribs safety tips here!


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